Wilson Mugo - Miracle in the Making

August 04, 2015 | Orchards
By Joe Hale

Wilson Mugo - Miracle in the Making

On a recent trip to the NICS school in Nairobi, Kenya, I had the privilege of meeting one of our students--Wilson Mugo.  I was so moved by Wilson's tenacity, humble spirit, and sweet countenance, I wanted to share some of his story.

Wilson Mugo… (recent graduate of West Nairobi School, Kenya)
Wilson was born in Nairobi Kenya on December 7th 1997, and moved with his family to the U.S. off and on during his developmental years—Wilson is truly a Third Culture Kid.  “I grew up in both Kenya and America.  When I was 5, my parents decided to move permanently to the United States, in hopes of pursuing their dreams to be successful.”  Wilson has two younger sisters, both born in the States.

Wilson recalls, “It was in 2007 when my parents decided it was time to move back to Kenya. I was almost ten.  We got ‘home’ to Kenya but much violence plagued the country due to the elections and the political climate.  Not long after we found a home, I learned about West Nairobi School and knew this was the school I needed to attend.  I was a little aggressive in speaking to the leaders because I knew education was critical to me having a successful life.”
Wilson’s family struggled, however, and soon he found himself living with only his sweet mother and two younger sisters…Wilson had to be the “man” of the house—as a 10 year old boy.  Life became unbearably difficult.  “We had no electricity or running water as we could not afford to pay the bills.  I would cry every night because I felt alone and completely overwhelmed.  I grew strong out of necessity—for my sisters and mom.”  Wilson’s incredible love for his sisters and his mother is evident to all.  But life in Africa for a single mom with kids is a tremendous challenge.

At one point, life became so tough that Wilson had to drop out of school for one semester.  “It ruined my chances of getting an honors diploma, but it was necessary.  I found such refuge at school—especially when things were so difficult with the rest of life.  I was always encouraged by teachers, staff and close friends there.  I was fearful that, if the school knew my situation, I might not be allowed to stay and this is the one place I could count on to help me grow as a godly man and a good student.”

Wilson states, “But life for me has gotten better.  We now live in a home that I love; it's warm and peaceful.  I have music and amazing people around me; God’s grace abounds!”  During the summer of 2015 Wilson was chosen to join an evangelistic music group to tour Germany.  Wilson loves his music!  In fact, his relationship with the Lord came from an earlier experience with a music tour in Kenya.
“I was asked to go and play guitar and sing.  So I agreed to go but I still had difficulties with Christianity and where I stood.  While I wanted to trust God, and learned so much about trusting him at WNS, I still had uncertainties.  On this tour I had an incredible time and great fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters.  During the second week I had asked God if He loved me, and asked Him to show me Himself.  That morning we had a devotional time and the message seemed like God speaking directly to me.  It convicted me and I felt that God really did want me for Himself, so when the pastor called people to receive Christ, I went forward and prayed with him; I felt new, clean, and not alone anymore.  I knew Jesus was now my personal Savior.”

Then the most amazing thing happened.  God’s faithfulness to Wilson, as a new believer, became evident.  “On the Sunday of our second performance, while sitting in the church service, I had a strange urging that God wanted me to do something different—right then.  So I left the service and went to the children’s church and asked if I could help out.  To my disappointment they gave me the oldest class to teach, which was extremely overwhelming because I hadn't prepared anything and I felt inadequate; there were 30 children.  I quickly got two friends to help me; we stood there and the 3 of us shared just a little of our testimonies and God's impact in our lives.  When we were done I asked them if any of them wanted to have what I had found in Christ… to feel peace and comfort and love like none else.”

Eighteen of those boys and girls raised their hands to receive Christ as their Savior!  “I prayed with all of them and gave them my contact number so they could call if they needed anything.  I left there crying because I had thought that God couldn’t use me until I had more training.  I realized then that God could use my past and my natural ability to talk to people to bring people to His kingdom.  This makes me grateful for my life—the good and the bad—because I now know that none of my experiences were in vain and God's purposes for me are all good.”

“Then, I met you, Mr. Joe, when you came to visit WNS.  You challenged me to attend a Christian university in the States.  I have recently applied to Liberty University, and thank you for covering the cost of my application.  My mother will try very hard to pay for my schooling, and I will trust God for the rest.  I need to trust Him every step of my future and I believe He will always take care of me.  I am a hard worker and very determined; you will be proud of me.”
Note from Joe:  Wilson wants to study at Liberty University and has applied for next year.  Please pray for him on his journey.  Thanks for supporting NICS—students like Wilson are why we do this work!  Let me know if you want to help Wilson in any way; do pray for him. joehale@nics.org

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Liz Bussell on August 05, 2015

I am in tears as I read this…..I remember this family so well…I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to read this…I will forward this story on to Gwen Gottfried who was instrumental in ministering to these kids during those dark days…God is so kind and gracious!!  Willy you bless my heart!!

erika bridgette on August 06, 2015

All is well Wilson the tym we spent with you at home I saw it in you. You are a qonquere and a strong person I love willy n u know Uv always love u as a brother.trust in God always…

Pastor Ann on October 22, 2015

Dear Wilson, I am praying with you and for you. I had the privilege, to read your testimony and it blessed my soul.  I thank God for you and for the worked he had done in you and your mothers life and of course not forgetting your sisters.  God is so good and I just want to encourage you that he has already provided your finances and he will take you through the University because this is His purpose for your Life.  He is going to use you to do much greater work than you can possibly imagine, because of your willingness and your obedience. Please keep in touch with me.  I truly believed that God brought me here to hear your testimony for a purpose. May He continue to be glorified in this meeting or connection.  God bless you and your relatives.

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