Who’s Who? Steve Stark Family

February 01, 2006 | Harvesters
By CORE Magazine

Their Children :
Shawna (25), Joshua (21), Sean (16).

Joshua and Sean attended NICS schools in Bangkok, Singapore and Seoul. Joshua is a graduate of ICS Bangkok. Shawna attended school at ICS Bangkok and later graduated from ICS Singapore.

Their Church :
Shades Mtn. Independent Church in Birmingham, Alabama is the Stark family’s sending church where they continue their membership as appointed members of NICS. While serving at the home office in the Memphis area, Steve and Rhonda have joined in membership with a like-minded group of believers, known as Central Church.

Before NICS...
Prior to serving with NICS, Steve and Rhonda both served in the U.S. Navy working in the cryptographic communications field. They served at duty stations in Florida, Okinawa and Alaska. Rhonda later went on to work as a counselor and supervisor with a division of the Alabama Department of Education and Vocational Services. Steve spent several years teaching secondary social studies at a public school in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Starting Out...
In the summer of 1992 Steve and Rhonda applied to and were accepted to be part of ICS Bangkok, the first NICS school outside of Korea. They sold their home and vehicles and headed to ICS Bangkok at the end of May in 1993.

Then and Now…
Steve served as a part-time social studies teacher and assistant principal at the ICS Bangkok school in 1993-1994. Upon the departure of the senior administrator, Dr. Lila Bruckner, in the summer of 1994, Steve was assigned as the new principal. During their term in Bangkok, Rhonda served as the school’s guidance counselor and admissions counselor. In the summer of 1996, Joe Hale contacted Steve and Rhonda and asked that they seriously consider joining him in Singapore at another new NICS project. Turning over the reigns of ICS Bangkok to a veteran administrator already on staff, the Starks headed for their new home and challenges in Singapore. As in Bangkok, Steve served as the ICS Singapore principal and Rhonda began establishing a foundation for a guidance and admissions office. With the continued growth of NICS on the continent of Asia, Steve was assigned to head up the first NICS Asia Director’s Office, which would be located in Seoul, Korea. Once again the Stark family packed their bags and headed to Seoul in the summer of 1998. While living in Seoul, Rhonda put her training and skills to work as the ICS Seoul guidance counselor. Due to logistical issues and having accomplished certain goals necessary for the five Korea schools, the Starks again packed up everything and returned to Bangkok. As Steve established the new Asia office in Bangkok, Rhonda returned to work at ICS Bangkok as one of two guidance counselors at the ever growing Bangkok school. In the spring of 2002, Mr. Hale discussed with Steve the possibility of establishing a new position at the home office for oversight of policy and educational issues for the NICS schools. By the summer of 2002 the Stark family boarded Northwest Airlines and headed to yet another new home and culture-- Memphis and North Mississippi. As the family settled into its new surroundings, Steve began development of his new position as the Vice President of Educational Affairs. Sean began a new experience as a public high school student having only attended NICS schools in Asia his entire life. Joshua began a new chapter of his life as a college student as Shawna was wrapping up her senior year at Samford University. After spending a few months helping the family get adjusted to its new home and surroundings, Rhonda stepped into a very much needed position in the teacher recruitment department at the home office. While Steve still travels periodically to the various schools and Rhonda travels within the U.S. on recruiting trips, both are content to stay settled for a while and let a little grass grow under their feet while they help the home office continue to grow and assist the fast growing ministry of NICS/Oasis.



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