Whos Who? Dennis Lugar

February 01, 2004 | Harvesters
By CORE Magazine

Dennis & Susan Lugar have been around NICS for most of its existence, and their time of working with the Hales dates back to 1981, when both of them served as single missionaries. This couple is testimony to the possibility of finding your life mate on the mission field! Their three sons—Jonathan, Caleb and Jesse were all born in Korea. The Lugars left Korea for a few years as Dennis finished up his masters degree, after which he spent a couple of years teaching in Hong Kong at International Christian School. Upon his return to the States, Dennis served as a board member of NICS, while teaching at Lexington Baptist College in Kentucky. He came to join the NICS home office staff as senior vice-president in June 1999.

The Lugars are an invaluable asset to the NICS family, as Dennis is responsible for the operation of the Home Office, and assists Joe in numerous areas, providing balance, perspective, and accountability in their leadership of NICS. These two families have worked together now for twenty years! 


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