The Significance of 400: A Look at NICS Graduates

June 27, 2013 | Apple Delight
By Blake Weaver

The Significance of 400: A Look at NICS Graduates

Our NICS/Oasis Schools are in the midst of graduation season as I write this article.  I can remember all the things this meant for me as I prepared to graduate from a NICS School many years ago.  While I was extremely excited about heading off to college, I was equally saddened by the close of a very important chapter in my life.  The reality that my classmates would literally be spread out all over the world after graduation certainly compounded the bitter reality of the completion of my high school years.

It was recently reported that nearly 400 students were planning to graduate NICS/Oasis Schools this year.  At first glance that statistic is not too impressive for most people, especially considering the fact that most public high schools in the U.S. have at least that many students in any given senior class.  So, what makes this statistic overwhelming to consider?  I think it has everything to do with some of the unique dynamics found within our schools.  Here are just a few:

The total number of nations represented within our global student body is approximately 105.  Therefore, our senior class is comprised of students from all over the world. 
• Unlike a typical graduate from a public school here in the U.S., our graduates do not normally choose to attend a local college or university, which means they move far away from family, friends, classmates, etc. While most of our graduates attend colleges and universities here in North America, a good portion of them choose to study in other places around the world, including within their home countries.  Consequently, it is likely that most of our graduates will not see each other ever again.  I myself have only seen 3 of my classmates since graduating 12 years ago. 
• NICS/Oasis teachers are deeply committed to making a difference in each student’s life.  Sure, this sounds a bit cliché; however, I can personally attest to this fact.  Many life lessons that I learned from my NICS teachers still stick with me.  As our students spread out all over the world and many go at it alone, they will undoubtedly benefit from the impact that our teachers have had on their world-view.  Therefore, our teachers help establish firm moral foundations in the lives of our graduates.
• The profile of our graduates are strikingly different than a typical graduate in the U.S.  For instance, our graduates come from families involved in international business, international diplomacy, NGO’s, etc.  These families are often highly influential, and many of our graduates eventually fall in the footsteps of their parents.  Moreover, the sphere of influence of these graduates is quite unbelievable.  The potential for our graduates to become world changers is very strong.

For these reasons (and many more), it is amazing to think about nearly 400 graduates of this caliber.  In just a couple short months, this year’s graduates will surely cover each corner of the globe.  One thing is absolutely certain, and that is these individual are all marked by the experiences they’ve had in a NICS/Oasis School.  Ultimately, this reflects the DNA of this organization, which is to “reach the world for Christ through international Christian education.”  


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