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October 01, 2008 | Featured
By Whitney Hale

Welcome to the CORE, NICS’ online magazine! Our hope is that the CORE will help you get an inside look at our classrooms and schools around the world.

In 1983, a small school of missionaries’ children in Uijongbu, Korea, was launched with a simple idea—to provide a Christian education where there was none. As time went on and as new doors opened, the founders of the school were led to launch more schools and to include students from all over the world. NICS/Oasis now has 21 international schools in 17 different countries and our schools’ staff, home office, and partners are spread out all over the world. While this network bridges people from all over the world by providing a common philosophy of education, it can often create a sense of disconnectedness due to distance and cultural differences. With the CORE, we hope to connect staff, ministry friends, and potential staff to each other by providing stories and resources from our schools and home office.

At NICS, our belief is that God can use teachers to change the world, and our classroom IS the world. We have chosen to use an apple as our theme for the NICS online magazine; the apple is a globally recognized symbol for education. The CORE’s goal is to peel away the layers to reveal to you the core of NICS--from the heart of the president, to the faces and stories of our teachers and alumni. It is about connecting you with the heart of who NICS is by exposing you to the teachers, staff, stories, schools, and ideology of the organization.

In this issue of the CORE, you have the opportunity to read about the first NICS school, the missionaries who have served the longest with NICS, a NICS teacher’s beliefs about biblical integration, and even the story of a young Korean woman who grew up in a NICS school. You will also read the president’s perspective on suffering as believers and followers of Christ. The common thread in all of these articles is that despite the suffering and challenges of living and serving overseas, Christ provides life and joy for those who put their hope in Him. We hope that as you read the first edition of the CORE, you are able to connect and pray for other members of the NICS family.


Whitney Hale


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