Teacher Feature, Principal Horneck

January 14, 2019 | Harvesters

Teacher Feature, Principal Horneck

NorthStar Principal Pam Horneck

The spotlight this month turns to NorthStar Principal Pam Horneck.  Pam has been lending her talent to NSA for more than 10 years first as a teacher and then as the Principal. Pam is a gifted teacher trainer and supervisor who is passionate about making sure that students have an excellent experience that includes an authentic focus on the biblical worldview in their studies. The teachers that Pam supervises would tell you that she is compassionate and caring. Pam has seen a lot of growth at NSA over the past 5 years and helped the school maintain high quality even while going from 22 teachers to 70 teachers over that time. NorthStar Academy is blessed to have Pam on the school leadership team!


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