School Feature - ICS, SEOUL

January 01, 2004 | Orchards
By Dennis Lugar

Being NICS’ largest school is not only an honor, but a huge responsibility. This year ICS Seoul has a record enrollment of 520 students, the third-largest private international school in Seoul . The heart of the leadership of ICS Seoul is to develop a “flagship” school for NICS, and as auspicious as it may sound, one of the best schools in the world!

The Seoul school has been blessed, and the leadership has chosen to use blessings received as blessings given. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” is more than a cliché with Seoul ‘s leadership—it is a way of life! Following are just a few of the ways the Seoul school has blessed others around NICS:

--missions support for former elementary principal Alicia Castillo to pay for her insurance
--helping furnish the new library in Turkey
--donating scores of boxes of textbooks to smaller schools
--contributing significantly to the NICS SEED Fund to provide financial assistance to ICS, Ghana , and RIA, Germany .
--sending resource staff to RIA, Germany , and ICS, Kumasi , Ghana
--financially committing a major portion of excess funds to keep RIA, Germany , operational
--helping smaller NICS schools with website development and hosting costs (ICS-Turkey, ICS-Lima, KIA-Afghanistan, AVA-Brazil, WNS-Kenya
--planning several staff/student missions trips to other NICS schools to do projects, encourage, etc.
--sending 200 shoe boxes of various school supplies, other goodies and paying for the cost of shipping to a Christian school in Tanzania, Africa
--assisting the NICS Nagoya school by paying for the principal to visit the Seoul school
--creating an Intranet’s educational website for NICS schools and an informational educational website

This is the dream of NICS coming true! …schools helping, praying, supporting, sister schools! Seoul is not the only place where this is happening, but a big THANK YOU to YIS Seoul for both the spirit and the heart to bless others within the NICS family. This is what makes a “family;” this is what networking is all about!


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