School Feature - ICS, Lima, Peru

January 01, 2005 | Orchards
By John Havill

ICS Lima has come to appreciate the networking aspect of NICS. We have benefited in numerous ways by being a part of this network. First of all we have received people from the network. The first principal was moved to ICS Lima from ICS Rio. The 3 NICS staff members at ICS Lima the second year all started their service with NICS at ICS Uijongbu, Korea. This year we started a traditional high school program by receiving two excellent ICS Seoul teachers.

Secondly, we have received equipment from the network. As we were adding our secondary program we were looking at a huge cost in buying, shipping and paying customs on the needed books for this program. ICS Seoul and Bandung Alliance International School not only gave us the books we needed but shipped them at their expense. This allowed us to pay stipends to our teachers, which helped tremendously in recruiting qualified staff. We appreciate and have benefited from the generosity of other NICS schools.

Thirdly, we have been bathed in prayer. We can do nothing of any value without the prayers of God’s people (James 5:16). The Network is committed to prayer and we can feel that commitment. ICS Lima is committed to pray for the network and prays for a different NICS school each morning during staff devotions. We use the NICS prayer bulletin that is received every two weeks with up-to-date prayer requests from all the NICS schools.

ICS Lima is a proud member of NICS. We have been blessed to be a part of the NICS team and are looking forward to the day when we are able to support a start up school within the network.



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