Saved by Grace

December 01, 2009 | Apple Delight
By Blake Weaver

Saved by Grace

When I think about the life of this particular NICS Alum, I literally think of the phrase, “saved by Grace.” It seems quite fitting, actually. Once you…

...hear her story, I think you will agree.

It is certainly a privilege for me to introduce to you Grace (Eunhye) Kang. Grace was born in South Korea, and at an early age she moved with her family to Kenya, for her parents chose to serve as missionaries in this African country. As a part of her time growing up in Kenya, Grace spent a few of her high school years as a student at West Nairobi School (WNS). She attended WNS from 1998-2000. During this time WNS was not yet a member school of NICS/Oasis. However, when I asked Grace to describe what she found to be most influential about her time at the WNS, she stated:

My teachers…It was not the extra soccer field, the new school bus, or the new basketballs. Those things were nice to have and I remember being excited, but it was only for a moment. Those things did not influence me. My teachers influenced me. It was their testimony, passion, and character that influenced me. It was Miss Hall’s testimony of what brought her to Kenya that influenced me. It was Miss Lassalle’s passion when she taught as she tapped all her chalk on the board to get our attention. I do not recall a single unbroken piece of chalk by the end of the lesson. It was Mr. Thompson’s character where though he was a principal he was also my basketball coach, computer teacher, and English teacher as well. I learned patience, teamwork, and leadership from him.

Upon leaving WNS, Grace headed to the United States to attend Liberty University (LU). All the while back in Kenya, WNS began to experience various struggles that threatened the future existence of the school. Grace’s parents informed her of WNS’s situation, and Grace became deeply burdened for the school. I asked Grace to describe what went on in her life during this time. She says:

Upon entering LU I learned from my parents that my school was having some difficulties and was not going to exist anymore. Around this time period was when I was struggling with identity issues, culture shock, financial stresses, and homesickness. However, what seemed to be more important than all of these were my international younger brothers, sisters, and teachers back home in Kenya at WNS. God began stirring a burden in my heart. With impeccable timing, Dr. Jerry Falwell spent the first semester speaking on vision and having a burden for others and for God’s people. I knew he was talking to me, but I also knew I could not do anything about this burden of mine. ‘What can I do, Lord? Me? I am a NOBODY!’ That’s exactly what I said to God.

To make a long story short, a professor, Dr. William Gribbin, School of Communications Dean at LU, asked me to join him for a cup of tea. I got to share with him my burden and he gave me Joe Hale’s e-mail address. I still remember him specifically saying, ‘Now, there’s this gentleman I’d like you to contact. Write him just like you shared with me right now.’ That was it. Dr. Gribbin did not share anything else about Joe or NICS. I said thank you and put the piece of paper in my pocket, and forgot about the e-mail address for two weeks. However, later I did end up writing an e-mail to Joe. I did not know who Joe was or why I was writing that e-mail to him or what that e-mail could do for WNS. It was the most emotional e-mail/letter I have ever written to anyone. I think I cried throughout writing the whole e-mail. I tried to be professional at age 18, but I do not know how successful I was at that. I just hoped God would let this person named Joe Hale know that WNS needed to exist for so many future leaders. A few weeks later Joe did contact me and from then on and still today God is continuing to work through NICS at WNS. All in all, it was all God from the beginning and God who had it all planned out.

It is safe to say that God significantly used Grace to “save” the WNS. Her letter to Joe was highly influential in NICS eventually taking over the WNS. Indeed, God does continue to do great things through this NICS school!

Grace completed a BS in Government from LU in 2004, and she also received a MA in Communication from LU in 2006. Since completing these degrees from LU, Grace has taught various college courses in both New York and South Korea. These courses include International Politics, Presentation and Speech, and Intercultural Communication. She is currently teaching as a Visiting Professor at Yonsei University in Korea. Grace also presently serves as the International Director of Korean World Missionary Kids (KWMK), owns her own business, and works as a translator. Additionally, she plans to begin in March of 2010 a Ph.D program in Political Science from Heidelberg University, which is located in Germany. Perhaps most importantly, Grace plans to get married in Korea on January 30, 2010 to her fiancé Josh Kim.

Without a doubt, Grace’s testimony is a blessing to this organization. As clearly seen in her remarks above, her life has evidently been “saved by God’s grace.” Although she absolutely gives all credit to the Lord for the WNS’s transition into NICS, it’s remarkable to know that He used her in a vital way to save that school.


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