Salt and Lights, Camera, Action

June 01, 2009 | Apple Delight
By Blake Weaver

Salt and Lights, Camera, Action

Perhaps most of us are familiar with Jesus` reference to salt and light in Matthew chapter 5. He directly states in verse 13 that “You are the salt of the earth,” and He says in verse 14 that “You are the light of the world.” According to this truth, those of us who belong to Christ can be assured that making a difference in this world is completely possible. We are certainly stewards of this reality…day in and day out. What a joy, and what an incredible challenge!

In this edition of the CORE Magazine, I am delighted to feature a NICS alumnus named Scotty Curlee. As you will notice, Scotty’s journey has been filled with salt and light. Born in Uijongbu, South Korea, in 1972, Scotty spent a total of 17 years in Korea. He attended the International Christian School (ICS) in Uijongbu, which was called Liberty Christian School at the time, for four of those years. Upon graduating from ICS in 1990, Scotty followed his dream of bicycle racing in America. After competing in the Olympic Trials in 1992, he attended Liberty University, graduating with a B.S. in exercise science. Shortly thereafter, Scotty received his MBA from Averett University and began his career in pharmaceuticals. After 7 years in the industry and while serving as a highly accomplished Executive Pharmaceutical Specialist, Scotty left the company he was with to pursue his passion of Christian film production. In 2007, he founded Red Cloud Productions (RCP) with the vision of “Changing the World through Cinema.” As stated on RCP’s website, “He is committed to producing exciting, engaging, and technically accurate films in genres that have been previously unexplored by filmmakers while raising the level of Christian cinema, worldwide.”

In reference to Scotty’s passion for the Christian film making industry, he notes:

Ask anyone what their favorite movie is and they will tell you. Movies are a universal language and have the ability to affect popular culture. It is a powerful medium that has the ability to influence generations. Christian movies however are where Christian music was over 10 years ago; it’s behind its time. We are trying to bridge that gap-to make socially responsible films that have the ability to influence people in a positive and uplifting way. It’s a learning curve, but there are some trendsetters out there like Sherwood Pictures that are paving the way for Christian film with movies like, Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. Red Cloud Productions is currently producing the first of five films, Max VO2 - The Potential Inside. It is about a professional cyclist and coach who goes through a lot of personal tragedy to realize what really matters in his life. [The lead role is played by Scotty] Other projects include topics about various social justice issues as well.

When asked about the impact that ICS-Uijongbu had on him as a youngster, Scotty states, “ICS is where I first heard the Gospel message. I see it to be so relevant in the industry that I am in now because in this industry, people say, ‘I am a Christian,’ and literally it could mean anything. We can’t be ambiguous about the salvation message. We need to be clear as John 14:6 states. ICS has instilled that conviction in me. This journey has been a blast, and like nothing I’ve ever done before. I can definitely see how God has put me on the career path that he has in preparation for this very opportunity, which is ‘Changing the world through Cinema.’ ”

Scotty’s desire and earnest effort to “season” the film industry with salt and light is truly a blessing, and every family member or friend of NICS can rejoice in his testimony of the days he spent as a student at ICS. “Reaching the world for Christ through international Christian education” is the chief purpose of NICS, and as Scotty confirmed, the NICS classrooms are indeed filled with salt and light. Seeing evidence of such on the big screen is truly a rare opportunity; yet in this case, we’ll have the chance to watch and see. 


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