Recruitment Highlight - Courtney Richards

May 20, 2019 | Harvesters

Recruitment Highlight - Courtney Richards

Courtney Richards

Born and raised in Virginia, Courtney’s passion for intercultural exchange began at an early age in her hometown of Hampton Roads. She first started serving her local community through sports-clubs and volunteer programs. At 15-years old, Courtney recognized that God would direct her path to involve global ministry. Her first international trip to El Salvador in 2008 involved a myriad of children’s ministry programs, sports camps and evangelical Gospel presentations. During her Senior year in high school, she partnered with the New York School of Urban Ministry to serve the homeless in New York City. This unique opportunity affirmed her heart’s desire to serve people of all backgrounds. Upon high school graduation, Courtney attended Liberty University where she studied Global Studies and Spanish. The chance to work with university students, staff and faculty blossomed during her undergraduate program. From one-on-one mentorship, to teaching assistantship, to international exchange, Courtney embraced any possibility of influencing lives through education for the cause of Christ. With an illuminated heart for reaching the nations through education, Courtney continues to impact lives as the West Coast Regional Recruiter for NICS. She considers it one of the highest privileges to join the NICS family in the work of the Gospel.


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