President’s Pen Edition 1

January 01, 2004 | President's Slice
By Joe Hale

Welcome to our first online community magazine experience.  We are thrilled to start the new year by introducing the first edition.  This has been on my heart for some time now, as the need to communicate with our constituency grows greater as the NICS family grows larger.

Having our NICS family spread out all over the world makes it a bit challenging to keep the “family” ties strong, but this online publication should help! I am so appreciative of Dr. Halliburton’s willingness to do much of the work to make this happen. A big THANK YOU, Phil!

One of the privileges (and challenges) of being a parent is seeing my children become adults. That’s where our stage of life is right now—the four Hale boys are taking their place in the adult world. It’s hard to believe that our youngest, Wes, is a senior in high school, and our nest is just about to be empty! It’s especially hard to imagine if you could have been at our house these last few days—Grand Central Station! It’s amazing how the noise level goes from “freight train” to dead silence in a matter of minutes!

Ben and Jessica have decided that Ann and I need to be YOUNG grandparents! The newest little Hale is due June 11th . Daniel will finish his second year teaching at a Christian school in central Virginia , and will then be headed to teach at ICS, Seoul , next year. Jed is engaged to Whitney Rieves (his high school sweetheart), and they’ll tie the knot June 12th ! See what I mean? They’re all growing up!

Ministries are like that too. As NICS continues to grow, she will also continue to change. Some of those changes make some of us uncomfortable, and at times make us look and feel awkward, but this is the nature of growth. As we make our way into a bright future, let’s not forget that change is inevitable; let’s just work together to make sure that the changes we make are good and healthy ones! Thanks for being part of a ministry that does not fear change, but rather always looks for better ways to serve the King of Kings and bring glory to Him throughout the nations.

-Joe Hale


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