Parental BUY-in

June 01, 2011 | Seeds
By Blake Weaver

Those of us at NICS often hear about the transformational work that God does in the lives of students. Each and every testimony is meaningful to us, for the stories serve as clear evidence that God is expanding His Kingdom through the ministry. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for us to hear about how God’s work through NICS has impacted the parents of our students. This too is significant to us, and we are encouraged by the fact that the vision and purpose of this ministry is reaching the hearts of parents as well as students.

In December of 2010, we were contacted by a set of parents from one NICS School in Asia. This particular family has two children in our NICS School. The father shared with us that:

My wife and I have strongly believed that education at a NICS School is a blessing to those children who are privileged to attend. We have witnessed that the teachers at our NICS School are devoted to giving their students what they need the most in life at their age, which is spiritual guidance based on the Bible and the Truth. Also, all of the NICS teachers we have known are true disciples of Jesus Christ, who have been selectively chosen by the organization.

The overall impact of the NICS School on the students’ life will be tremendous as they progress through each grade, and what they learn will certainly stay with them for the rest of their life. As parents of NICS students, we see that such a strong Christian education will make our children positive leaders in organizations and society, no matter how small or large their roles may be. More importantly, they can make a positive influence on others and expand the Kingdom of God in this world.

These words reflect the fact that these parents see and understand the vision of NICS. They further elaborate that:

One side effect we see in our children is that they will be more likely to have success in the future as society and business in general will demand transparency, integrity, and service to others. In fact, we are sure that they will be successful in their life in whatever endeavor they pursue. For those NICS students from non-Christian families, we are also sure that they will receive equally positive education to impact their lives. We are so grateful that our children are able to receive the education that NICS provides. Often times we think about how to give it back to the school, not only in participation in the school activities as volunteers, but also in a way to financially help the school in any way we can.

These parents were motivated to literally ``buy-in`` to the vision of the school. However, the way in which the family bought into the vision is certainly unique. They again state:

While researching the NICS School in Singapore on the NICS website (in case our family relocates in the future), we came across a wonderful program called the Silver Seeds Campaign. It is the best self-sustaining work of God that my wife and I have known and the most significant way to make a long-term difference in this world. We were not only moved by the opportunity, but we were also grateful to discover such a program. The company that I work for has been giving back to society through various charities and programs to help deprived children over the years. However, once I found the Silver Seeds Campaign program, I knew immediately that it will have lasting impact on the society and the lives of deprived children through those privileged children educated at NICS.

As a token of their buy-in, this family gave a gift of $200,000 to the NICS SEED Fund for ministry expansion. These parents were motivated to help expand the ministry so that other children might have the opportunity to be educated in the same way as their own children. When we consider expanding the ministry of NICS, this is exactly what we have in mind. That is, "reaching [more] children for Christ through international Christian education" (NICS Purpose Statement). Only God can provide in such a way as this!


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