Out and About with the President

November 30, 2018 | FeaturedPresident's Slice

Out and About with the President

Joe Hale, President of NICS

I just returned from a trip that included Korea, Malaysia, Nepal and India. Actually, this was my first time to actually "circle the globe" in my travels. One thing that I continue to discover in my travels is that there are some amazing people in this world of international education--especially God's people, who do the work for a much deeper purpose than simply educating kids.

On this trip I sat down with people who have chosen to live in settings that are very difficult, people who breathe extremely polluted air daily to do what they do, people who are underpaid and overworked in some cases, and in some cases even raising their own salaries/stipends from friends and loved ones and serving without pay. I simply love to be around these people, many who are highly educated and extremely qualified, but have chosen a "road of service" over a "path of wealth and comfort." Hat's off to you, dear servants of the Lord!  Great will be your reward.


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