On the Move With Mobilization - 3rd Edition

January 01, 2006 | Harvesters
By CORE Magazine

As we wind down the recruiting season this year, we thought we would give you some highlights from the last year. It has been a fascinating year to see how God has been so faithful to meet our needs. After losing one staff person in the Mobilization department we were able to replace that person with someone who has many years of experience in recruiting and already has a great working relationship with several of our administrators. We also added a part-time person who just so happens to be one of the founders of NICS. How much more experience can you get? Normally when there is turnover in the Mobilization department there is a fairly large learning curve but this time God has provided two wonderful ladies who not only had an unbelievably short learning curve but also have taught us a few things as well. It looks like we will be adding another person in the near future and hopefully maybe even a second one.

This year we had about 130 positions to fill and it has been amazing to see how God has so faithfully provided. Many of these positions required the raising of some financial support and several required raising full support. We have had to fill more positions that require the raising of support than ever before and yet we are way ahead of where we were last year at this time. As it stands right now we have only two teaching positions still open. We have filled 128 positions already this year and last year at this time we had only filled 66. We have almost doubled the number of filled positions this year and we have already filled more this year than we did all of last year.

One of the new things we did this year was to have a NICS missionary rewards program. The idea was to not only encourage NICS people to tell others about NICS but to reward those who are already doing that. Overall, the first NICS rewards program was a huge success. All three of the teachers pictured below submitted names that resulted in new hires for the NICS ministry. In total we had over thirty official entries into the Rewards program and look forward to having a similar program next year. Thank you to all who participated.

First Place: Wendy Lounds…currently serving the Lord with NICS in our school in Uijongbu, Korea. Wendy started in January of 2002 and husband Randy started with NICS in August of 2003. This is another NICS match-maker success story. Wendy is pictured at her wedding reception in Hawaii.

Second Place: Stephen Moore…and wife Rachel are currently serving the Lord with NICS at our school in Singapore. Both Stephen and Rachel started serving in the fall of 2003. Either Rachel was excited to hear about their reward or maybe she just likes this guy.

Third Place: Renee Logan and husband Chris have been serving the Lord with NICS at our school in Nagoya, Japan since 2002. Caleb, pictured in the middle, was a happy addition to the family about a year ago.

Serving God together,

The Mobilization Staff 


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