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January 01, 2004 | Harvesters
By CORE Magazine

Well it is that time again! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the wind is blowing, and the administrators are wondering who will be filling those vacancies next fall. This is the busiest time of year for the Mobilization department and a time that we learn firsthand to lean on God and not our own understanding. From a human standpoint, we are up against an insurmountable task as we seek to find close to one hundred twenty new teachers and administrators for positions around the world. That is one hundred twenty highly educated, extremely motivated, love the Lord and willing to move overseas, teachers. Fortunately, the Lord has filled over half of the positions already, but the pressure is continuing to build. The end of the school year is just around the corner and most teachers already know where they will be teaching next fall. The deadline for PFO is approaching quickly, and many of the positions still open require the raising of some financial support. What is a recruiter to do?

If you look at the statistics of where we get our teachers every year, it becomes very clear that there are two main sources for finding new teachers. The number one place is from our website and/or the Internet. The second main source for finding new teachers might surprise you a little; it is by word of mouth. No matter how many recruiting conferences we attend or how many colleges we visit each year, or how many ads we place, it is because of you that the ministry continues to grow. Throughout history, God has chosen people to be His messengers. Has He called you to tell others about NICS? Whether you are a teacher returning from the field or someone that just stumbled on to our website, how much further could your outreach be; how much bigger could your ministry grow, if God chose you to tell someone else about NICS. As you pray for each of the schools, the administrators, the open positions and the home office staff please ask the Lord if He would have anyone for you to talk to about NICS.

Serving God together,

The Mobilization Staff 


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