International Community School: A Home for Hugo

June 28, 2013 | Orchards
By Whitney Hale

International Community School: A Home for Hugo

Hugo delivers his speech at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of International Community School in Singapore

Singapore, a center of commerce, banking, and shipping in Southeast Asia, is home to NICS’ International Community School (ICS). Singapore truly can boast that it is an international city with four official languages.  Citizens from China, Malaysia, and India, as well as a large number of expatriates from Australia, the United States, and Europe, call this metropolis “home.”

This school is the only Christian international school in Singapore and has over 400 students in kindergarten through grade 12. United States citizens comprise nearly half of the student body, and the remaining students represent over 34 additional countries.

The staff of ICS consists of over 40 well-qualified faculty members coming mostly from the US; however, the faculty also represents graduates from universities in Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Sweden.

Founded in 1993, ICS recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and during the celebration, a young student, Hugo, delivered the following speech about his school:

Good morning teachers and friends. My name is Hugo and I am 7 years old. Some people ask me: where do you come from?

For me, this is a tough question. I am half Filipino and half Korean. I was born in Malaysia and I went to school in Kuala Lumpur, New York, and Singapore. I also lived in Korea when I was younger and have been to many countries.

So when people ask me where I come from, my answer is, “I come from ICS!” I am proud to be from ICS.

ICS is unique for a hundred and one reasons, but I want to share with you only 4 reasons why I think ICS is unique.

First, ICS is unique because of the teachers. They are fun, awesome, and smart. All ICS teachers believe in Jesus. Because of them I know more bible verses every week. I like our school because it is where I can learn more about Jesus.

Second, ICS is unique because of the students. We are like one big family in ICS because we all care for each other. Most of my friends are from first grade, but I also have friends from other grade levels. My circle of friends is as big as ICS. I have also met some parents of my classmates and they know me too. It is such a joy being in a school that is like my second home.

Third, ICS is unique because of its awesome library. Our library has lots of books. I am thrilled that our library has the Guinness book for 2013! I guess you cannot find that in any other school library. I love reading books. I like it even more that ICS encourages us to read, read, and read. Our Librarian is also kind and very helpful.

Fourth, ICS is unique because it is full of energy! The ICS carnival is so much fun that I hope we have it every week. The International Night is also very exciting. I really enjoy the ICS Lego club because it allows me to create different animals and cars. Finally, the ICS fun run is fun and challenging, rain or shine. You see, ICS is full of life and energy!

ICS has amazing diversity among students and teachers. Diversity is a big word for me. But it means respecting and embracing our differences.

ICS is where I belong. The next time you ask me “where do I come from”, the answer is-not the Philippines, not Korea, not the USA, not Singapore, not Malaysia, not any single country.

I come from International Community School. I am from ICS….and I’m proud of it!

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