International Christian School of Uijongbu Celebrating 25th Anniversary

December 01, 2008 | Orchards
By Rex Freel

In 1983, with only a handful of students and a small staff, Liberty Christian School began its first classes. God soon led the founders in changing their focus from a local one to an international one; more schools were founded, and Network of International Schools (NICS) was formed. Today, NICS boasts twenty-one schools in seventeen different countries. Since then, Liberty Christian School has changed its name to International Christian School-Uijongbu (ICS-UJB) and has grown significantly.

God has blessed ICS-UJB tremendously and listed below are just a few of the things He has accomplished this year:

Excellence in education: The offering of six AP courses in the secondary has provided a rigorous curriculum for students.

Technology: The school stays on the cutting edge of technology. This school year, ICS-UJB added Interactive White Boards to each classroom, and faculty and students alike are enjoying the new SMART Board technology. It is truly an incredible tool, and it is the school’s goal to have several teachers become certified trainers by Promethean. UJB teachers will then train its own staff and travel to other NICS schools to inexpensively train their teachers.

International Christian Educators Conference (ICEC) Workshop Presenters: During Thanksgiving vacation, eight workshop presenters and fifteen other team members traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the ICEC Hong Kong Conference sponsored by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Teachers from many schools in Asia attended, and the conference was very beneficial. The opportunity to meet other teachers was great, but the fellowship with old friends, including many NICS teachers, was even better.

The Eagles Nest: The rental and renovation of a very long storage facility has given ICS-UJB a gym! Coaches are elated that they can now practice every day as long as they want to….within reason!

PTO: The ICS-UJB Parent Organization is running an activity day for the elementary each Saturday. This is the first time in the school’s history that the school has been able to offer this. Praise the Lord! He is good!

Experienced Staff: The experienced ICS-UJB staff has seventeen expatriate members who have served for over five years in Uijongbu, and five of those have served more than ten years.

Once you come to UJB, it becomes difficult to leave, and God has blessed the school with a great sense of community and a tremendous opportunity to serve our risen Lord and Savior. If you know of anyone interested in serving the Lord through Christian School Education, please check the ICS-UJB website at

Rex Freel is the Director for International Christian School-Uijongbu.


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