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June 01, 2009 | Orchards
By Dennis Lugar

Singapore’s International Community School was founded in 1993 and became a part of NICS fourteen years ago, in 1995. Today the school boasts an enrollment of 390 students and employs 60 staff members (faculty, office, and clerical employees). This year, ICS added six portable classrooms and remodeled the gymnasium to include a new floor and air conditioning. Because of the renovations in the gymnasium, ICS was able to host the high school graduation ceremony on campus for the first time.

ICS seeks to not only excel in the education of its students but also to care for the students spiritually. This year, about 10 students have come to know Christ for the first time. Dr. Joseph Beeson, Director, clarifies some of the founding spiritual principles of ICS Singapore:

Our founding principles commit us to providing not only a Christian school, but a school that participates in the spreading of the truth around the world. We accomplish our first principle by assuring that we hire only Christian teachers for our classrooms. These teachers then participate in professional development activities that help them recognize that “all truth is God’s truth.” So whether a third grade teacher is helping students understand the order of God’s universe through science, or a tenth-grade student is learning that there is a moral order to society and that governments were ordained by God, the foundation of our school is the truth of God’s Word. These same teachers are role models for our students that help students grasp the truth that the Christian life can be lived out in our day to day lives. The second foundational principle for ICS is participating in the spread of God’s Word around the world. We accomplish that mission by supporting those involved in mission work or other Christian work through financial scholarships. This bursary enables these workers to remain in Singapore with their children. As these faithful men and women minister to others in Southeast Asia with the gospel, we share in that ministry.

The school strives to ensure that students are able to not only support missionaries but also are able to participate in mission trips to other countries. This year, an exciting event at ICS occurred when the school began their first “Week Without Walls” trips. During these trips, around 100 high school students participated in trips to five different countries. The students divided into nine groups and served in homeless shelters, orphanages, language schools, construction projects, and more. Providing this exposure to mission’s projects and organizations enabled students to obtain both a connection to missionaries and an opportunity to participate in the spread of the Gospel.

Please pray that the students and staff in Singapore would continue to grow and thrive as a school, and that the foundational spiritual principles--the hiring of Christian teachers and the spread of God’s Word--would be greatly accomplished. To learn more about ICS Singapore, you can visit http://www.ics.edu.sg


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