Heart Talk from the Prez

May 01, 2020 | President's Slice

Heart Talk from the Prez

My sister is a drama teacher. I fondly refer to her as "Sister Act." She recently had her school's kids ready for their next show--literally hundreds of hours of practice, an amazing set built, all lines memorized, all songs rehearsed until the kids had the tunes running through their minds night and day, choreographing and staging all ready to go. The costumes had arrived, the dress rehearsal underway, and then came the announcement: "School will be closed until further notice." At this moment, the stage and set sit in silence.

What's the value of the excercise if there is no performance? Plenty really. Students grew closer to each other; learning took place; hard work built character and discipline; relationships were stretched and cherished; new talent emerged; and behavior was challenged--hopefully with good results.

While it is entirely true that the final performance is the "big" one, let's not forget all is not lost. Life is like that too. There will come a day when our performance in life will be measured by much more than by the applause of the crowd. Whose lives did we touch along the way? Who did we encourage who needed us at just that time? Will we receive the applause of the One whose approval we need more than anything?

May we rest in the Hope that the things of eternal value need to dominate our priorities--even when the show is canceled!

Joe Hale, President, NICS/Oasis


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