Heart Talk from the Prez

July 01, 2020 | FeaturedPresident's Slice

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have intentionally tried not to allow our supreme focus to be on all the heart-breaking news we see daily on our televisions, nor to distract us from focusing on Him—the King of Kings. Now, many of us, who claim the U.S. as our home nation are called upon to also deal with division and strife that goes back for generations—equally as painful as the pandemic. It seems like our challenges are a tsunami of grief and pain unlike anything we’ve seen in our generation. No simple answers; no trivial comebacks; only division, hurt and pain it seems. Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Helpless? Unequipped to know how to help? Remember this: Jesus fought racism, fascism, religious establishment, and tradition His whole life, and they killed Him. The simple answer to our current strife is that the world needs Jesus. In Him, and only in Him, are we made whole; and only through that wholeness are we able to see the world as God sees it. Man's very nature (since the Tower of Babel) makes our differences divide us, create barriers, cause us to look down on others who are not like us, and inflate our pride. ONLY the cross brings unity out of diversity; ONLY the cross makes us all equal, ONLY the cross brings perfect unity out of intricate diversity. May we be first and foremost soldiers of the cross. Now is the time for God's People to be one! Our aching world desperately needs the grace only He can give--through us.


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