Going Global with Caleb Lugar

April 29, 2014 | Apple Delight
By Blake Weaver

Going Global with Caleb Lugar

The concept of globalization is often associated with a business or organization’s effort to compete or relate to international markets.  Defined by google as “develop or be developed so as to make possible international influence or operation," globalization brings tremendous value for organizations, especially considering how accessible international markets have become to consumers all over the world.

But globalization is not solely a business concept.  This idea can also be connected to an individual’s perspective or world-view. Globalization can look like respect for different cultures, a deep concern for the world as a whole, and even the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ globally. NICS cares deeply about helping students take part in this by becoming global citizens. In fact, this idea is inter-woven into the NICS Mission Statement:

The mission of NICS is to establish a worldwide network of international Christian schools staffed by qualified Christian educators, instilling in each student a Biblical world-view in an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions.

A former NICS student named Caleb Lugar is a classic example of a global citizen.  When asked recently about his experience in a NICS school, Caleb commented:

Attending a NICS School gave me the unique opportunity to be exposed to a variety of international cultures.  Since my classmates represented several different nationalities, I experienced diversity as the norm.  Inevitably, this rich diversity expanded my world-view and perspective as I learned how to interact and relate to my friends.

Caleb’s experience points to the fact that the classroom dynamic he experienced was very conducive to a developing sense of global awareness.  Moreover, he learned from an early age to appreciate the differences in other cultures and people.  A recent article posted on The Global Educator (2013) confirms the healthiness of this type of classroom dynamic.  The article states, “Research shows that exposure to other students and staff from different parts of the world can increase cultural awareness traits and enhance the ability to compromise.”

One of Caleb’s teachers also intentionally fostered the globalization of her students.  Caleb stated:

My NICS teacher was so kind and nurturing.  I could tell that she sincerely cared for each of her students regardless of their cultural, religious, or social backgrounds.  She taught us to embrace and celebrate diversity.  Her example is still impactful to me today.

Caleb’s teacher was actively involved in helping develop her students into global citizens.

The lasting impact that Caleb mentioned about his teacher is clearly observable in his life.  Caleb is passionate about living and working abroad.  Upon receiving his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, Caleb immediately began working with a global company called Flat World Solutions.  Caleb’s experience with this company took him to places like India, the Philippines, and to South America.  His experience as a NICS student undoubtedly helped prepare him to work within these various cultures.  Caleb specifically noted, “It’s easy for me to quickly relate to new cultures and environments.”

Caleb’s life journey has recently taken a new turn.  He has joined the Brasilia International School (A NICS School) as the Business Manager.  When asked about his motivation to work for a NICS School, Caleb said:
I am passionate about NICS because the organization possesses a unique ability to significantly carry out discipleship around the globe.  The mission and purpose of NICS has impacted me on a personal level, and I want to see the NICS story continued.  I am grateful for the way that NICS has influenced my life, and I am eager to pass this on to students at the Brasilia International School."

With this perspective, there is no question that Caleb will model Christ’s love and a deep commitment to helping produce global citizens…just as his NICS teacher modeled for him years ago.


The Global Educator


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Donna Faircloth on September 03, 2014

Boa Viagem Caleb, May the Lord bless you and your ministry in Brasilia!

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