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January 01, 2007 | Applesauce
By Steve Stark

One of the purposes I view this portion of the NICS Magazine as having is to bring to your attention information that I believe may be of assistance to you related to your ministry and academic role as a classroom teacher. One form this may take is making you aware of programs, curricula, and other information that I believe is worthwhile sharing. At other times I will also offer this section to be written by one of you on the field in order that great ideas may be shared throughout NICS. NICS is a network of great teachers and I hope to make better use of that network through this venue. I look forward to hearing about and being able to share some of the great things that have been going on in your classrooms through future articles in this column.

In this initial column I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a ministry resource to you and your students called Kids Talk About God ™.

Kids Talk About God™ creates forums for students to share their uncomplicated and winsome understanding of the Gospel. By engaging their God-given creativity and their understanding of the Lord’s life, students throughout the world are provided a venue by which to challenge other students and adults alike toward greater purity of faith.

Kids Talk About God™ is one resource that will allow your students to express their thoughts, love, concerns and joys related to God and our savior, Jesus Christ. With processes for encouraging the creative expressions of students in venues grounded in faith and rooted in Christ’s love, Kids Talk About God™ empowers and equips students to share who Christ is with the world through its unparalleled program offerings.

While there may be some limitations in offerings to NICS schools due to their global representation, all schools can find help in a variety of ways when it comes to providing an outlet for all those creative ideas, thoughts and pictures waiting to be unleashed upon the world by our special students around the globe.

Not only will Kids Talk About God™ provide you with opportunities to involve your students with KTAG’s specific programs, it may also provide you with information that may spark ideas for programs to be integrated within your own school or throughout NICS.

Some of the resources available through Kids Talk About God™ are the online events, children’s interactive art gallery, book projects, and awards. In addition, you will enjoy sitting down and reading many of the humorous comments, as well as insightful and sometimes profound words written by children as they share their views of God, Christ, and characters and events from the Bible as collected and shared by Kids Talk About God™ founder Carey Kinsolving through his weekly column.

Carey is an experienced public speaker, syndicated newspaper columnist, author, and producer. Many of Carey’s feature articles have appeared in The Washington Post and other major newspapers via news services such as The New York Times News Service, Cox, Hearst and Donrey.

I hope you will take the time today go to the Kids Talk About God™ website located at and begin to explore the variety of pages and links that are available as a resource for you and your students as you guide them on an exciting exploration discovering more about God, His Son and His Word.

-Steve Stark


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