Covenant of Friendship

March 18, 2019 | FeaturedPresident's Slice

Covenant of Friendship

NICS Leadership Team with leaders from TeachBeyond and LDI

A pre-conference to the Global Christian School Leadership Summit 2019 (GCSLS) was held by LDI, TeachBeyond and NICS/Oasis.  What a joy it was to meet with the other agencies that are doing similar work in His Kingdom!  This was the kickoff of a commitment by all three groups to make every effort to work together in a positive way in doing God's work.  The following declaration came as a result of this initial meeting:

Proposed Covenant of Friendship and Cooperation

The gathered leaders of LDi, NICS, and TeachBeyond recommend the following draft covenant to our respective organizations for edit and ratification:

Our unique distinctives and varying foci, which we support and celebrate, and given
Our similar missions, visions, values and core theological beliefs, and given
Our congruent operating policies and procedures, and given
Our already existing synergistic services and projects and given
Our desire to pursue efficiency and avoid duplication and the waste of resources, and given
Our desire to help each other faithfully serve our Lord Jesus Christ through the proclamation of His truth and Gospel to all everywhere through high quality, Biblically grounded educational service, and given
Our conviction that the Holy Spirit chooses to work in communities of unity
We covenant together to establish a non-legally binding consortium with the following objectives in mind:
To embrace each other’s distinctives and publicly and privately advocate for them
To humbly and sincerely pray for each other while actively pursuing means to encourage and strengthen each other
To facilitate shared planning in an open environment that invites collaboration and coordination
To foster collegiality toward one another among our members wherever they serve
To articulate a complementary public position on issues of mutual concern whenever possible
To create an active interface that facilitates communication and learning from each other
To commit to shared reflection on our approaches and philosophy so we can learn from each other and further our common pursuit of excellence and effective Kingdom service
Our Prayer
May God grant us His blessing as we commit to this covenant
May He do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think
May He empower us with His Spirit
To avoid defensiveness, competitiveness, pride, and a critical spirit
To be the first to serve, to seek reconciliation, and to forgive
To resolve conflicts and disputes
To enjoy our commonalities and celebrate our differences
So that we will always be faithful and fruitful, organizations and communities which are useful to His work for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the building of His Church.

San Antonio January 30, 2019  cooperation


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