BAIS 3rd Community Awareness Project

November 01, 2019 | FeaturedOrchards
By Ms. Melissa Harvey (BAIS, Indonesia)

BAIS 3rd Community Awareness Project

As part of the 2nd graders Social Study Unit, we were asked to develop a Community Awareness Project last school year. It just so happened that this unit fell around the same time our BAIS Mascot Blue (or Baloo depending who you ask) went missing from his residential space on the elementary Playground. Blue has lived on the BAIS campus in several temporary spaces for several years after being rescued from the land behind the school. The students have come to adore him and his quirky dance qualities.

The 2nd graders decided we needed to search for answers to the mysterious sudden disappearance of Blue. We began navigating our way to the top! We first asked the Facilities Manager what happened to Blue? He reported the bird was moved to behind the kitchen because he was dirty and his cage was broken. This formed our plan, Blue needs a healthier, cleaner, safer, nicer, much more visible space to live.

We then combined our Math Unit of Data and Graphs with our Social Studies Community Awareness and began enacting our civil rights to survey 3 groups of people:
• the student body-- Did they know where Blue came from, why he is here, and why he was removed from the playground?
• the administration-- When and how could Blue come back to the playground for all to enjoy again?
• the teaching staff-- Would they help us to get the word out and let us take a few minutes of their class time?
We developed questions, a sales pitch, a marketing video, a petition to sign, persuasive letters, and above all a list of potential solutions.

What began in December of 2018, finally came to a glorious conclusion in August 2019. A new humane, safe, and beautiful home was built for Blue to continue living on the BAIS campus for all to enjoy his beauty and voice! The now 3rd graders learned a valuable lesson in not just Community Awareness and Data Collection, but perseverance, politics, and persuasion!

Way to go 3rd Graders!



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